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Creating Systems for the 21st Century


From service to installation, W Systems can provide a working solution for all types of critical corporate communications. We have installed and serviced equipment from Crestron, Cisco, NEC, Biamp Systems, Extron, and many others. From installing huddle rooms with a simple presentation source with all necessary and convenient ports to building out a conference room, or simply changing out a 3000-hour lamp in that dimly lit projector, contact us for your corporate AV needs.

Creating Systems for the 21st Century

Digital Signage

There is a trend toward installing video content for all types of purposes. If the need is for displaying simple information or creating ad revenue, W Systems can create the installation solution for any type of budget. Want to exchange that 32” monitor for a 42” or 55” 4k? Upgrade to a more robust media player?  W Systems is the go-to solution.

Creating Systems for the 21st Century


Let W Systems design the best system for your sound needs based on your desires for subtle room ambiance or heightened energy. W Systems can install a 70-volt system or work with sound designers to install a surround sound 8-ohm system packed with punch. We understand sound engineering so we consider deflection, diffusion, and all that other stuff to fill your ears with harmonious sound.

Need actual musical content, W Systems is an installation partner for Retail Radio, which can provide custom-tailored playlists specifically for your demographic profile.

Creating Systems for the 21st Century


One of the most basic components for a corporate entity, service retailer, or small office is a network infrastructure that is properly installed according to the specifications of the client which can be as simple as running cat5/cat6 cable and terminating wall plates. Need a switch installed or swapped out? How about several wireless access points to cover a dead zone? W Systems can manage the network installation as well as work with your network designers to install, terminate, and verify all network equipment according to spec.


Creating Systems for the 21st Century


We install IP cameras which means we only run Category cable to the camera locations. We do not worry about running separate power supplies and separate cable for power and or video content. This means we are able to swap out the latest technology when it is time to update your video surveillance. We are currently marketing the latest facial recognition and night vision technology. Please feel free to contact us about your surveillance needs.